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Negative Thoughts

We can sometimes get ‘stuck’ in our thoughts and struggle to focus on anything else. These can be negative thoughts about ourselves the world or

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Muscle Relaxation

This relaxation technique can help reduce stress, muscle soreness and anxiety. It works by tightening and releasing muscle groups to reduce tension. See our step-by-step

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Pain Diary

Keeping a record of your pain may help you understand patterns, help you better manage symptoms or explain things to healthcare professionals.  Download Pain Diary

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Goal Setting

Goals may be things that you really want to do more of or, for example new skills, moreconfidence, better habits etc. There may be steps

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Controlled Breathing

While feelings of nervousness are completely natural and normal, they can be unpleasant toexperience. It can be really helpful to be able to calm our

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Struggling to fall asleep can be caused by lots of different reasons, overthinking can play a big part in this. Click below to download our

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